Auto Assigning works like an automated filter to assign jobs automatically to any unemployed girls in a brothel that fit the rules you set. 

To unlock, each rule has a requirement you have to fit. 

This can either be: size of your party, specific girl stats, brothel upgrade state or gold value. 


Requirements for Auto Assign Rules are (Rule - Requirement):

girl stat specific:

VIGOR - party size > 15
MORALITY - party size > 10
PRICE - party size > 5
ABLENESS - gold > 50k
REPUTATION - gold > 50k
SEX - (any) girls sex stat > 100
BEAUTY - (any) girls beauty stat > 100
OBEDIENCE - (any) girls obedience stat > 100
CONSTITUTION - (any) girls constitution stat > 100
condition for stat value:
BIGGER THAN (>) - two brothels owned
SMALLER THAN (<) - two brothels owned
EVEN TO (=) - party size > 5
NOT EVEN TO (!=) - party size > 5
MINIMUM (MIN) - 1+ fully upgraded brothel
MAXIMUM (MAX) - 1+ fully upgraded brothel
value for stat:
0 - party size > 5
25 - party/brotel jobs available > 8
50 - party/brothel jobs available > 6
75 - party/brothel jobs available > 8
100 - party size > 5
specific trait(s) girl must have:
TRAIT - party/brothel jobs available = 12


Now, to set a rule for a specific job, you see two rows (assign / unassign condition) with 8 fields each.

They follow this pattern:

- 1st box - 2nd box - 3rd box - 4th box - 5th box - 6th box - 7th box - 8th box -

- girls stat - condition - value - trait (boolean) - 1st trait - 2nd trait - 3rd trait - 4th trait -


example for whoring assign condition:

- VIGOR - > - 50 - TRAIT - KIND - RESPONSIBLE - / - / -
example for whoring unassign condition:
- VIGOR - < - 50 - TRAIT - - - - -
means: only a girl that is not assigned to any job with "vigor > 50" and traits "kind" and "responsible" will be assigned to this job and will be unassigned when vigor drops below 50 to let her rest.

ofcourse you can leave either stat or trait requirement blank.


As you can see, at the bottom is a box called "prio".

This box is meant to give a specific job a priority to be assigned when same conditions for multiple jobs are set and fit.

Simply give the job you want to be assigned first the highest priority number (13) and it will rule over any other rules set.


If you want Teacher, Cook, Maid and Medic assigned first, give their rules priority 13-10 plus required traits.

Then, if you want your whoring rooms filled next, give this rule priority 9 and optionally set a trait requirement

And if you want any girl trained in dungeon or as bedwarmer, give those jobs an even lower priority (8-0) if you want to remove specific negative traits.

WTF IS... / HOW TO... Edit

1) party size?: the number of free workers and girls you have hired / bought...

--> increase party size: buy more slaves or hire staff members at the docks/tavern

2) party/brothel jobs available?: the number of jobs you can assign to your girls in any brothel...

--> to increase this number, get girls with specific traits like medic, teacher, cook, guard, etc. and a brothel that offers rooms for those jobs. f.e. you can upgrade the 2nd and 3rd brothel until requirements are met.

3) unassign a girl form a job if another job needs it more?: not possible with this rules...

--> if you want a specific job assigned first, give it the higher priority. that also means that any girl that is unassigned from any other job due to the unassign conditions, will be assigned to your favourite job next, if it fits its assign conditions...

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