Asamiya Athena

Asamiya Athena


Body: Normal
Cute, Idol, Cheerful, Energetic, Fashionable

Combat Skill

Martial Artist, Psychic powers


The reincarnation of the goddess Athena, she was one of the "heroes of light" who defended the world from the Shiguma forces. Her psychic powers are believed to be transmigrated to her rather than inherited by her family.

She is a student of Chin Gentsai, who taught her Kenpo. Coupled with her formidable psychic abilities, she proved to be more then a match for her opponents in the King of Fighters tournament.

The tournament proved to be a boon for her, boosting her popularity into stardom status. Thereafter, she gain the name of "Psychic-Powered Idol"

Recently, she received an invitation to a female exclusive tournament, in order to determine the greatest female fighter of all time!


-Being too popular is not good sometimes.

-Such a heavy air around here...

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