Asakura Ryoko

Asakura Ryoko

Constitution 110 Strength 90
Sex 0 Charisma 80
Beauty 600 Agility 40
Obedience 40 Intelligence 50

Body: Normal
Energetic, Fast Learner, Independent, Cheerful, Trouble Maker, Aggressive, Sadist, Not quite Human

Combat Skill

A Data Humanoid Interface, Ryoko is the backup of Yuki, tasked to support her in Yuki's mission to observe Haruhi. However, she grew impatient with the unchanging daily routine, and decides to try and kill Kyon with a combat knife in the hopes of catalyzing an observable reaction from Haruhi. Her efforts are stopped, after Yuki defeated and removed her from the physical world.

She returned again soon after Yuki broke away from the Integrated Data Sentient Entity, still intent on killing Kyon, this time for interfering with the deletion of Yuki. However, she was captured in a data trap, and discorporated, remaining only as data within Kyon's PDA, Skynet.

When Yuki and the SOS Brigade were captured and sold into slavery, the PDA containing her data is sold as well.

A mini quest to obtain the PDA. If Yuki is obtained, event to extract the data and return her to human form.



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