Asahina Mikuru

Asahina Mikuru

Constitution 35 Strength 25
Sex 0 Charisma 70
Beauty 600 Agility 20
Obedience 70 Intelligence 30

Body: Big Breast
Cosplayer, Cute, Kind, Gentle, Meek, Clumsy, Maid

Appearance Edit

Age: 17-18

Hair color: Light Orange

Eye color: Orange

Skin: Pale

Combat Skill

A time traveler from the future who came back in time to observe Haruhi, due to Haruhi creating a time quake. Other then being a time traveler, she has no other paranormal abilities.

For some reason, her superiors from the future did not tell Mikuru about the rouge esper's plot to remove Haruhi's reality blending abilities and transferring them to her counterpart, Sasaki. She was caught unaware, along with the rest of the SOS Brigade by hired thugs from the Sumiyoshi-rengo, and sold to a slaver.



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