Constitution 40 Strength 80
Sex 0 Charisma 15
Beauty 500 Agility 20
Obedience 70 Intelligence 25

Strong Willed, Kind, Naive, Athletic, Military

Combat Skill
Spear User

Amelia is a young recruit in the Grado Army. She joined the army to protect her loved ones from harm, after her father died and her mother was kidnapped by bandits when she was young. Sent to the town of Serafew on the border Grado and Renais, she set about trying to keep what little peace remained.

One day whilst out patrolling, she encountered a group of bandits raiding a small village. Despite the odds she charged with her lance impaling the nearest bandit. She was quickly surrounded by the remaining bandits, and with her weapon buried in the first bandits chest, she made an easy prey. After being knocked unconscious from a hail of fists, she woke to find herself in chains sitting in a wagon and now owned by a group of passing slavers.



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