Agrias Oaks

Body: Normal
Strong, Aggressive, Intimidating Personality, Military, Proud

Combat Skill
Holy Knight

Unique Equipment
Durandal (Holy Knight Sword)

A knight serving in the Lionsguard, the personal bodyguards of the royal family, Agrias is assign to the Princess Ovelia as a bodyguard.

After Princess Ovelia was kidnapped right from under her nose, Agrias joined with a squire name Ramza to chase the kidnapper. After recovering the princess, they flee to Lionel Castle, where she believe Cardinal Delacroix can protect the princess.

Unfortunately, Delacroix is plotting against them and Delacroix has Ovelia and Agrias imprisoned. Delacroix is helping the Lucavi retrieve all of the Zodiac Stones which are the Lucavi's conduits to exist in Ivalice, and the princess's death will help in retrieving the Taurus Zodiac Stone. As bodyguard to the princess, Agrias would have to be rid of.

Conveniently, a slaver is travelling through the area, and Agrias is sold to him as a result.


-I have to find a way back to Princess Ovelia's side...

-This is no place for a knight...